Resortecs and Decathlon team up!


We at Creamoda are very proud to announce that one of our members, Resortecs is partnering with Decathlon to bring an easier recyclable product to the market!

Resortecs has been working on melt yarn for years. This temperature programmable yarn should simplify the disassembly of textile products. This is because it works like this:

  • g. A garment is stitched together with yarn from Resortecs
  • This garment reaches the end of its life and is collected for recycling
  • To dismantle all components (front, back, buttons, zips, fancies, etc.) the garment is passed through the Smart Disassembly thermal system.
  • The result is a completely dismantled garment, ready to be reused or recycled

Herewith a clear drawing from the Resortecs website:

Source image:

Resortecs is hereby helping to create a circular and sustainable future!

And not only we know this, but also Decathlon. Together, they will launch a ski jacket designed to be recycled. Decathlon is thus already the 3rd major player besides H&M and Bershka to enter into this progressive collaboration.

Do you make products out of textiles? Then Resortecs with their Smart Stitch is also the solution for you towards easier to recycle products.


For more info on Resortecs, visit:


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