Help, I bought an unsafe product!

Many people are not aware that unsafe products can still be found on the market even in the EU.
And almost every week we get this question so here’s some useful general knowledge every EU citizen should know.

In the EU, only safe products can be placed on the market. The EU and its Member States have a whole range of legislation and rules that help to define under which condition a product is safe or not. Products that do not comply with EU law on product safety should not be for sale.

If you are aware that you have bought a dangerous product and this product is recalled by the shop, website or manufacturer who produced it, you should respond to this recall immediately. Stop using the product and go to a doctor if feeling strange.

If you encounter a safety incident, caused by a product you have bought and used under normal conditions, you should report this incident to the authorities. You should also report any serious suspicion about safety of product you bought. Your information might help taking out a dangerous product from the market and protect other consumers

When is an unsafe product is detected/identified:

  • via MSA product sampling and lab testing
  • or via a company notifying the authorities that unsafe product mistakenly was placed on the market
  • or via customer complaints or worse incidents

These products are then notified on dedicated websites by the EU.

Food and Feed

Non Food products except medications

Medicinal products


For more information or questions on product safety, please contact Jo Van Landeghem at

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