DPG Media Advertising webinar “What’s UP in fashion?”

Datum: 09 november 2022

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DPG Media Advertising webinar

“What’s UP in fashion?

Where is fashion heading in the next 3-5 years? What is the impact of the current energy crisis and the growing importance of sustainability? And, how do brands respond to these evolutions? That’s what you’ll discover during our webinar “What’s UP in fashion?” on 9 November at 11am. Expect concrete cases as well as tips and tricks to improve your communications in this particular sector.

On the programme

  • Exploring human needs for fashion brands of the future by Claire Powell, Senior Culture & Trends Consultant and Alex Bee, Culture & Trends Consultant at Space Doctors
  • What does this mean for the media? By Mathijs Vanduffel, Connection Planner at DPG Media
  • Theory in action: case presented by Angelo Croes, Managing Director at The Pool


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DATUM 09 november 2022
TIJDSTIP 11:00 - 11:00


Ik blijf graag op de hoogte van de activiteiten van Creamoda


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