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  • Helga De Filette

I believe in an open mind, one-on-one approach where creative thinking and technical know-how are crucial. If we are both on the same wavelength, this translates into an optimal final product.

As a modelist/pattern maker I bring the stylist's idea to life in the desired style. This by converting the delivered drawing into a qualitative pattern.

You can contact Akkuraat for: determine the sizing and the appropriate size chart for your collection.
- Creation of digital patterns.
- Digitating your manually created patterns (creation of a digital archive),
- Grading your patterns.
- Supply cutting plans.
- A fitting session explaining the fit and movement optimisation and further refining and optimizing the patterns.
- Creative technical think tank and source of advice.

By drawing a technical data sheet we discuss the chosen materials with their best finishes taking into account the fabric consumption, the price setting or the desired strength/support of the garment. This force will therefore also be controlled with a Pesola meter.

Once a good basic pattern is created, new developments can be made smoothly In this way, the chosen dimensions remain in a consistent way within your collection.
My digital patterns are available in most compatible extensions. (*. DXF, *. Aama, *. PLT,..).



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